Painted By Pain

by Harmony In Grotesque

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released January 24, 2012

Anna Bo – vocal (3)
Anastasia Shapovalova – violin (1, 3, 4)
Fedor “Efrin” Dergachev – beat programming (3)

Mixed and mastered in July - October 2010 at Navahohut Studio, Moscow, Russia.
Drums recorded in February 2006 at AAG Studio, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Rhythm guitars recorded during 2007 at Morbid Silence Studio, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Vocals recorded in summer 2007 at Morbid Silence Studio, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Bass, solo, additional guitars and vocals, violin recorded during 2007-2010, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

All songs written and arranged by Harmony In Grotesque.
Artwork and design by Pavel Mayboroda.



all rights reserved


Harmony In Grotesque Красноярск, Russian Federation

Harmony In Grotesque was founded in Krasnoyarsk in winter of 1998. The first album «Cold Sows Seeds Of Death» was released in 2003 defined by the members themselves as «grotesque-metal».
In 2008 the live DVD «Decade In Siberian Swamp» dedicated to the band 10 years anniversary was released.
In 2012 there was recorded the second album «Painted By Pain».
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Track Name: Last Moments Of A Dying Dream
Broken images of the conscience leaving,
Mute pictures of the inflammed memory -
That's all that I can see.
The echoes of sounds coming from the past,
Splinters of pain piercing my mind -
That's all that I can feel.

Through the rotten veins ripped out by needles
The time flew away throbing with blood,
The moments are days flying away
Disappearing in the vortex of death without any track.

Free fall in the dark gulf
Top of pleasure – by value of madness
Wings of freedom with burnt feathers
Taking rotten body far away

Salvation is strange for me now
My fantasies will stay with me
And I'll give you my soul –
Maybe you'll be satisfied now.
Track Name: Scars In My Memory
In a labyrinth of passion
You're searching for calm,
In a torrent of lie
You're searching for truth,

In unbroken darkness
You'll see a spark,
And in you mind -
A flash of memory.

Images from the past in a thick mist of time
Always coming with pain
Gnawing my mind, gnawing my body -
It's a worm of time, a worm of my memory.

And the fragments of life stick in my head
Making new wounds again and again..
Who is able to help to relieve me from pain?
Who will cure my scars?

Who'll stop the madness and soothe my thoughts?
What may be worse than living with lost mind?
Maybe it's getting it back?
Track Name: Siberia
The winter is eternal here,
The springtime flies away too fast.
There is frost and cold here for ages
And time is flowing hard.

Nature sleeps waiting for spring,
And the ground is tired of snow,
The weak can't find a dwelling here
But there's salvation for the strong.

Siberian winter
Siberian frost
The eternal ice -
And nature thirst.

The splendour strength and winter land
Are merged together here forever,
The ground, the sky, the wind, the cold
Are all Siberian side!
Track Name: Frozen Blood Of Trees
Winter wood, restrained time
Dark depressive nature,
Branches reach for dismal sky
In the grace unhearing...
But the sun indifferent for
Miserable prayer
And not warm for dying wood
Doomed for oblivion!

Do you hear
Mournful song of wind
Living in ice-coated branches?
Do you see
Thousands naked limbs
Blindly Looking in grey heavens?

The trees still remember
Twitter of birds
That was heard in their crowns,
But, gods, how much time ago
It was...

Frozen blood of trees doesn't bleed
God looks like indifferent spectator
There is no warm in dead juice
Of forgotten children of nature...
Track Name: Demo(n)graphic Blast Of Gods
Demographic blast of gods
Searching ways to human hearts,
Searching ways to human soul
Looking in every asshole!

Liar's number more and more
Promise keys from salvation door,
New messiah grows like mud
Searching ways to human soul.

Demographic blast of gods

Mother nature is forgotten
In confession's paranoia,
Empty words change the true -
Please forgive us bleeding soil!

Drive away like dirty whore
Freaks who's knocking at your door,
Freaks who promise give you true
Talking about his god with you!

Fucking preacher kiss my ass!
I just want your slow death!
I disgust you like mud!
Kill imaginary Gods!
Track Name: Slumber Stopped The Time
Slumber stopped the time,
Obliterated limits of existence,
Made my world unreal
And not accessible for comprehension..

Universes flash in my eyes,
My body falls down into the dark abyss -
I feel it's lightness, integrity, eternity...

Slumber stopped the time,
Shown my world dying,
My past - covered by mould,
And my present - in the shadow of unreality.

I am on the edge of madness,
On the brink of ruin, on the verge of despair.
I can't understand that lightness
Of my unusual condition.

Slumber will peep in the corners of mind,
Will change all my essence,
Will turn inside out my useless flesh,
Will rape my desert soul.

But just when the slumber will open the mystery,
When dreams' keeper will raise a curtain -
Minutes of time will flow in centuries
Lifetime –
For me is death time.