Cold Sowing Seeds Of Death

by Harmony In Grotesque

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released November 1, 2003

Recorded & mixed at Morbid Silence Studio, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.



all rights reserved


Harmony In Grotesque Красноярск, Russian Federation

Harmony In Grotesque was founded in Krasnoyarsk in winter of 1998. The first album «Cold Sows Seeds Of Death» was released in 2003 defined by the members themselves as «grotesque-metal».
In 2008 the live DVD «Decade In Siberian Swamp» dedicated to the band 10 years anniversary was released.
In 2012 there was recorded the second album «Painted By Pain».
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Track Name: Sweet Suicide
World covered by grief
Drowned in endless rain
And no meaning to live
To suffer from brutal pain!
Track Name: The Voice Of Forgotten Past
Hear the voice of forgotten past
Your deafears must hear
Open mind for the ancient wisdom
Open eyes – your Gods here!

Look at man on the cross – he’s dead
And the icons are mute
There is no our Gods in the church
Our Gods in the woods!

In the fields of the endless freedom
In the mountains of highest thoughts
In the rivers there is eternally
Inexhaustible power flows!

In the seas of the deepest mistery
In the caves what’s wrapped dusk
In forests what softly whispering
Mystic words of forgotten past!
Track Name: Chiliasm
I see the symptoms of ancient disease
I see the madness in the eyes of mankind
I hear the voices of preachers possessed
I feel the smell of fear in human mind!

On the burden of millenniums
Time is coming for madman
The deep fear be awakened
And the devil take his harvest

Absurd speech of mad impostors
Gave the trouble and eclipse
World is froze with horror on face
Waiting for apocalypse

Chiliasm – ancient damnation of mankind!
Chiliasm – and will die all around!
Chiliasm – no escapefrom the dreadful prophecies!
Chiliasm – and sky falls of sinful ground!
Track Name: Terra Incognita
I close my eyes and dreaming
I need your help now
Take my daily occurence
And carried in unknown land

The where precense serenity
Where my dream is be relised
Where freedom is infinity
And no place human vice

You dreams dead and no real
What may be worst that run from yourself
In world now superior ideal
Even on your obscurity land

Invicible strings ensnare your brain
As rivers,as paths cross my body
Tempting to cause your to pain
Pain from Terra Incognita

- I close my eyes and dreaming...
- You dreams dead and no real
- Carry my daily occurence
- You can’t run from yourself
- The land which has a freedom...
- It will cause you pain
- I can live in Terra Incognita
- Terra Incognita exist you brain
Track Name: Raptus Melancholicus
In the endless sleepless
In the deep of the night
Black depression will come
And possessed all my my mind!

Like mourning mind’s possession
Coming my black depression!

And colours of life
Turned only in black!
And no sounds,and no light
And there is no come back!
Track Name: Lost Freedom
I lost freedom
I slave my brain
Who I am now?
You are understand?

Real world is hidden
Under the shroud of war
Everything is happen
Reflect my brutal pain

Dreams of humanity
Broke out to abyss
The number of murders
Still growling up

You will be next victim of vilence
No choice only death
Death continue our madness
And no safety...
Track Name: Laugh Through Tears
Empty celebration,
Non-existing Luck –
It’s attempt no think about dark
You may die tomorrow,
Every hundred years
It’s unknown and it’s more then fear

It’s great punishment to be playting for death
And never knows when will be your last breath
And understand what never feel saint smell
Because our fate is always rot in hell

Until the end we’re not realize
What we’re all condemned to die
And we’re hurry laugh at all
Because or else we’rev must to cry

Laught Through Tears

No choice only death
Who waiting for all us
Who know? May be what you will be next
Sacrifice of shadow
Wrapped in grave – clothes
Of this silent lady...who may knows?
Track Name: Blood On Your Hands
I look in your eyes,
But there's no pity
I see your face ,
But it isn't sincere
I try to look in your soul,
But there's a deep black hole.

Your hypocrisy is infinite
Your arguments are convincing
But there's just one thing you don't know -
I see the blood washed off from your hands
Track Name: Cold Sows Seeds of Death
Under bright fire of burning autumn
Winter takes is begining
Cold saw seeds of death
And pierst with sharp sting

Winds takes away
thoughts of future
And breaks at against
rock of suffering
Pain brings
a new feelings
The last moments
of dreamings

This pain crying and asking
Left tracks in my body
Burn out my brain one phrases
Death... is salvation?

Autumn carpet depression
Cover the mist of melancholy
I don’t my place in a world
I don’t will be soon...